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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quarters for Sale!

Last week, the middle wean showed some shrewdness and initiative. Of his own accord, he ran for and won a seat on the student council for his school. I had the privilege of speaking with the newly elected kindergarten official the other day about why he believes he outperformed all of the other kindergartners in the election. In his speech, turns out, he promised the other lads that if elected, he would make sure the playground received a new tire swing. Following is a portion from my little interview, bessy I can recall:
  • Noah: I think that’s why I won. No one else promised anything like that.
  • William: Ah yes. bleedin' mint. So… how dae ye plan to get a tire swing on the playground then?
  • Noah: That’s nothing. I’ll just get a tire and take the middle out, then hang it with a chain from a tree on the playground.
  • William: So where will ye get the tire?
  • Noah: Lowes, I guess.
  • William: So how dae ye plan to pay for the tire? Surely they won’t just give it to ye?
  • Noah:
  • William: Hadn’t thought of that then? Well suppose ye hae a fund-raiser?  Ye could raise the lolly I bet.
  • Noah: Oh! I know what to do! I'll have a fundrasier and sell quarters for a dollar a piece.
I dae believe that wean has a bright future in politics.

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Karen said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! And soooo Noah!:)